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Counselling is a unique and often profound experience. It can be a chance to see yourself more fully for the first time in your life.

It is a personal conversation at depth where you will be met with tenderness, realness, high esteem and respect.

Relating to each other in this way can bring you into closer contact and connection with yourself and a certain alchemy can take place which supports you to free up your inner wellbeing and potential for growth, no matter the challenges you face.

Through the process of meeting regularly and in this unique way, you can experience yourself as acceptable and worthy in all your complexity and vulnerability. You may be drawn to care more deeply for yourself and find a greater sense of appreciation for your life in the moment.

You may begin to manage your fears and aversions with more kindness and confidence, enabling you to relate more authentically with your world and the people who matter most to you.



You are unique and every relationship is unique. Here, we will focus on creating a strong and trustworthy therapeutic connection that is individual to you

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Mother and Son


"My baby sleeps. It's hot, it's summer. The windows gape but draw no air. I camp. A mat on the floor, I am a night-time nomad. No real rest. I dip into episodes of sleep - waiting to tend my baby."

Motherhood and mothering are fraught with practical difficulties and toil. Becoming a mother can also set in motion experiences of great emotional, spiritual and intellectual upheaval. All the while, mothers centre their energy and resources on relating to their babies and children.

"We need more words to validate what mothers are doing." (Naomi Standlen)


Hearing you or someone you love has cancer only takes up a moment. Living with cancer takes up a lifetime.

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Experienced. Accredited. Supportive.

Being a counsellor is a continual process of personal and professional growth and development. Over the years I have been fortunate to work with the NHS, with Universities and in Occupational Health, as well as in community settings, GP practices and my own private practice.
I'm committed to my work and the way of being that it brings into my own life. I'm passionate about the benefits of counselling and cherish the relationships I have formed with my clients. My biggest hope is to be as real as possible with you, to offer you my unconditional positive regard and to accompany you part of the way in your own life's journey.

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